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February 25, 2010

Startup Hiring Mistakes

I was reading QuickSprout one of my GOTO start-up blogs last night and this post really hit home. Are you Making These Mistakes?

Neil Patel asks 10 successful entrepreneurs who have all created companies that are worth at least 50 million dollars, what their biggest business mistake was.

Half of the ten named a hiring related issue as their biggest problem.

If you feel you need data points to emphasize the crucial importance of effective recruiting, look no further. Hiring is important for all companies, but for start-up companies it is the bedrock that will determine the success or failure of your endeavor. One mistake with a core team hire can throw the company into a death spiral from which it may not recover. The other take away from this advice is that once you identify a hiring mistake, you must correct it quickly or risk further damage.

“wrong hiring standards in certain parts of our company. We focused too much on specific skills, and too little on fundamental abilities, raw talent, and passion”

“The biggest mistakes are always bad hires.”

“My biggest mistake has been hiring the wrong people.”

“not taking fast corrective action in dealing with a bad hire.”

“The biggest mistake I’ve made have been with hiring the wrong people. I think if you add everything up, including the cost of bad decisions, additional bad hires made by the original bad hire, and missed opportunity costs, bad hires have cost Zappos over $100 million.”

Read the blog post to see who said what.

The best advice when building your team is to err on the side of caution. If you have any doubts about someone, don’t hire them. Wait for the right candidate to come along.

To do this effectively, you must be recruiting at all times and use a lot of sources (including recruiters). It costs you nothing to see candidates from recruiters and if the candidate presented by the recruiter is the “right” one and beats those provided by your other sources, hire them.  Too much emphasis is placed on cost per hire and you should be focused on quality of hire. Each good engineer is considered to be worth $ 1 Million in an acquisition (not even considering their output) so whatever it costs you to bring a great candidate on board is well worth it and is not significant over time.

February 23, 2010

Stamp Mobile

Genotropegrzrlogo Record:  Stamp Mobile stampmobilelogo

Funding Status: Seed

Founders Backgrounds: Urban Interactive, Blackstone Group

Investors: ?

Industry: Mobile Applications, Mobile Commerce

Offering Description: Stamp’s loyalty program is a different breed. Points, rewards, customer management tools — sure, we have that. But we also provide the spark to help you build real relationships with your customers.

February 5, 2010


Genotropegrzrlogo Record:  Performable

Currently Hiring

Funding Status: Series A

Founders Backgrounds: Compete, Lookery , Bokardo Design

Investors: CRV

Industry: B2B, Web Application

Offering Description: Performable’s easy-to-use technology can pick and choose from literally thousands of creative elements in real-time, testing everything from a single word to an entire layout. These elements can be optimized depending on factors including where your visitor came from, location, user demographics, the time of day, or even results from your previous tests.

January 7, 2010

Project Concord

project concord

Genotropegrzrlogo Record: Project Concord seems like a tempory name

Funding Status: Series A

Founders Backgrounds: Pixamo, Endeca

Investors: Alpond Capita *see comments

Industry: Video, Online Entertainment

Offering Description: convenient and legal access to top movies and TV shows – but without the unwanted commercials or the need to reach into your wallet.

September 18, 2009


Genotropegrzrlogo Record: Yotta Currently Hiring

Funding Status: Seed

Investors: ? TBD

Industry: Storage Software, Cloud Computing

Offering Description: stealth mode storage offering. Experienced founder.

August 12, 2009


Genotropegrzrlogo Record: Akiba Currently Hiring

Funding Status: Series A

Investors: North Bridge Venture Partners, Foundation Capital and angel investors.

Industry:  Software, Data Virtualization

Offering Description:  Data virtualization via patent-pending technology

July 30, 2009

Genotrope Launches Major New Upgrade


We rarely mention Genotrope on these pages, but we just released significant new features and thought it was worth the blatant plug.

The good news is the market is picking up a bit and most companies are now hiring for a few positions. New start-ups are being funded and building out their core teams. The timing is right for the new release of Genotrope with even more focus on helping People and Companies Connect.

You might know that our approach is to “find the company first and then the job”.  However the entire market, both companies and candidates are focused on job postings, so rather than continue to attempt to swim upstream, we have released job posting functionality.

Now companies can register with Genotrope and manage their company record, build a Talent Target graph, release news as well as create and edit job postings.

Users can now view job postings. The difference is that now when Candidates are viewing the list of job posting the Genotrope Icon logomarkwill be present in the job listing to indicate companies where the registered user also has an affinity match through their professional graph. These jobs will be the better fit matches when compared to matches done strictly by position or industry.

Along with the new job postings, we have added major new search functionality.  Both Browsing greeniconbuttonbrowse2and MyGraph greeniconbuttonmygraph2 mode on the FindJobs page can be searched by zipcode proximity, Industry and Company Status. This means you can slice and dice the company database to find very specific matches, such as all B2B companies with a series A investment that are 25 miles from my home town.

Also, now it is not a requirement to be a registered user to view job postings or Apply for a position. Registered users gain the benefit of saving their profile information, which provides the affinity matching from the professional graph, as well as the ability to contribute data and edit the company database.

signup now for completely anonymous Job Search using your professional graph. It takes less than a minute and only an email address and a few companies entered into work history are needed.

July 20, 2009



Genotropegrzrlogo Record: ActiFio Currently Hiring

Funding Status: Series A

Investors: North Bridge Venture Partners

Industry:   Storage

Offering Description: stealth mode, can you say cloud? Storage

June 19, 2009


Genotrope Record: KillYourcube Currently Hiring

Funding Status: Seed

Investors: Bootstrapped

Industry: Consumer Web, Career Guidance

Offering Description: Helping people forge their own career paths to success. Our patent-pending technology designs customized Career Maps that show you the road to your ideal job in a way never before possible.

May 6, 2009


Genotrope Record: Cadio Currently Hiring

Funding Status: Seed Round

Investors: MIT

Founders or Execs past companies: MIT PHD Students

Industry: Wireless/Mobile Analytics

Offering Description: Cadio analyzes GPS data from mobile phones to better understand consumer interests and habits. Using a privacy-aware opt-in model, Cadio’s algorithms create Tag Clouds for Consumers™ to generate brand-relevant inferences about where people go and what they do. Cadio offers market research services and enables lifestyle-relevant advertising.