talentGraphz Record: Fashionstake Funding Status: Seed Round Founders Backgrounds: Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey and Company Investors: Battery Ventures Industry: Consumer Web, Fashion, eCommerce Offering Description: Be part of a new fashion democracy. Unlock an exciting new way to experience fashion with FashionStake, a revolutionary online marketplace for contemporary and luxury ready-to-wear fashion.


Genotrope Record: MyRoar Funding Status: Bootstrapped Investors: Founders or Execs past companies: Feedster, Lehman Brothers Industry: Web Search, Financial Services Offering Description: MyRoar provides a unique offering for data vendors and data consumers. Unparalleled insights are provided to users who can now do research quickly and easily, resulting in increased satisfaction and productivity.

MITX Start-Up Clinic Off to a Good Start

The MITX Start-Up Clinic kicked off Thursday with a session titled Business Models and Cost Efficiencies. It was hosted by Doug Levin, past CEO of Black Duck Software, and Stanley Doleberg previously at Forrester, who both recently co-founded Precipice Consulting. The startup founders in attendence ran the gamut both in age brackets and product offerings.Continue reading “MITX Start-Up Clinic Off to a Good Start”

MITX Start-Up Clinic for Entrepreneurs: Business Models & Cost Efficiencies 3/12

Next Thursday evening there is a Startup Clinic in Cambridge, for founders of consumer web companies, that should be interesting. It is the first event in a new series sponsored by MITX.  Hopefully, we will see more involvement of this type from successful local entrepreneurs who are willing to engage with the community and pollinateContinue reading “MITX Start-Up Clinic for Entrepreneurs: Business Models & Cost Efficiencies 3/12”

(Cancelled due to Snowstorm) Social CRM and tech meetup at Betahouse Wednesday 28th 6:30 PM

We received an email today from Scott Annan the CEO of  Mercury Grove, an Ottowa web software firm telling us about their stop in Boston on the current Co-working / Dex Roadtrip tour of the east coast startup scene. He and Scott Lake (founder of, and social media consultant) are traveling to various USContinue reading “(Cancelled due to Snowstorm) Social CRM and tech meetup at Betahouse Wednesday 28th 6:30 PM”


GreenCloud Systems Funding Status: series A stealth Investors: DoMatrix, Chrysylis Energy Founders or Execs past companies: Amazon, Treevolt, Energena Industry: BioEnergy Cloud Computing Offering Description:  GreenCloud has developed an inexpensive electricity generation system that harvests metabolic energy from bamboo. Using this bioenergy converter we deliver on the promise of cloud computing for next generation dataContinue reading “GreenCloud”

In the shadow of a Monster

We have been watching a couple of local Internet Job sites that are ramping up nicely in the recent months. MyPerfectGig , the more pedigreed of the two, is a startup funded by North Bridge and Commonwealth Capital. The founding team are seasoned entrepreneurs, having founded BrassRing and run DirectoryM. MPG describes their offering asContinue reading “In the shadow of a Monster”