Web Innovators Group 21 Tuesday March 10th

Dont forget to sign up for the 21st Web Inno next Tuesday at the Royal Sonesta Cambridge. Main Dishes Adroit Interactive BravoCart LilGrams Side Dishes Coachestown JitterGram JotNot mCaddie PickupZone Wiggio Let us know which ones are your favorites or any comments you wish to offer about the companies presenting.

Who Do You Think Should be on this List? Best of Boston Web 2008

We are really just putting this  out there as a starting point in hope that readers will add to the list. Of course it is nowhere comprehensive and totally subjective. Let us know your choices. Oh, and don’t nominate yourself, spread the kudos around. Networking Event: Web Innovators Group WebInno was founded and is currentlyContinue reading “Who Do You Think Should be on this List? Best of Boston Web 2008”

Zingdom/Convoq/Applied Messaging shutters doors

Sorry to see a company bite the dust. Read the founders post here. The current project Spark, a conversation oriented application that is based on the idea that extended interactions take place at varying tempos. Seems like it has potential and the architect is hoping to keep it alive. Anyone that is interested should contactContinue reading “Zingdom/Convoq/Applied Messaging shutters doors”