Boston Web Startups Q4 2010, Launching Soon?

Every quarter we publish a list of the newest web startups in the area that are working towards launching publicly. Masschallenge surfaced a great many new companies over the summer and I think had an impact on the amount of new companies making themselves known publicly early on. So, this list is shorter than usual.Continue reading “Boston Web Startups Q4 2010, Launching Soon?”

A Boston Angel You Should Know

Yes, we have  already heard about the dearth of Consumer Web Angel Investors here in Boston. So you might be interested to find out about a local Angel that has a pretty impressive track record in both quantity and quality of deals. The fund Lead Dog Ventures is  run by John Landry and has beenContinue reading “A Boston Angel You Should Know”


talentGraphz Record: Mowbi Funding Status: Bootstrapped, Seed Founders Backgrounds:, Shipyard Brewing Company Investors: Seeking investment Industry: Mobile Application Offering Description: Mowbi is a mobile commerce platform for everybody. Mowbi includes a mobile store, mobile billing and invoicing system, a mobile credit card terminal and text marketing tools. Because of Mowbi’s modular design, it isContinue reading “Mowbi”


Genotrope Record:  Sembled Funding Status: Seed Founders Backgrounds: Great Hill Partners (Boston-based private equity firm). Investors: Friends & Family / Founder Industry: Consumer Web Offering Description: LLC helps consumers identify the easiest “assembly requried” products and strives to reduce frustration and time required in assembling a product with detailed video and photo instructions andContinue reading “Sembled”

When Will They Launch Q2 2010

Every quarter we will be compiling a list of new web properties that are in private beta or “coming soon” stage. We hope to give them a bit of exposure and help with early customer sign up. The other goal is to encourage them to come out to the public and start to get feedbackContinue reading “When Will They Launch Q2 2010”

Dave McClure Throws Down Gauntlet to Boston Angels

Dave McClure day in Boston was awesome. I attended both events featuring the geek coder, turned marketer, turned Angel investor/VC, here in theHub. The first talk presented by Performable and hosted at Dopatach Labs was excellent and he did a good job of making it fresh. Once he found out that everyone had already seen hisContinue reading “Dave McClure Throws Down Gauntlet to Boston Angels”

Stamp Mobile

Genotrope Record:  Stamp Mobile Funding Status: Seed Founders Backgrounds: Urban Interactive, Blackstone Group Investors: ? Industry: Mobile Applications, Mobile Commerce Offering Description: Stamp’s loyalty program is a different breed. Points, rewards, customer management tools — sure, we have that. But we also provide the spark to help you build real relationships with your customers.

When Will They Launch Q1 2010

Our post back in May 2009, When Will They Launch pointed out some companies waiting in the wings and extolled them to release their idea into the wild and let it flourish. It’s time for a recap of those companies to gauge progress. It’s also time to list a new group of companies and sites onContinue reading “When Will They Launch Q1 2010”

You don’t need a CTO, you need a lead developer

A quick review of the startup market here reveals a good number of nascent web startups seeking a technical founder CTO. Socialtality Revenue Architects Kill Your Cube Dating Site Startup Recently a first time founder of a Boston startup came to us seeking a CTO for their web app. There was no great technical problemContinue reading “You don’t need a CTO, you need a lead developer”