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December 17, 2010


talentGraphzgrzrlogo Record: InsightSquared

Funding Status: Seed?

Founders Backgrounds: Hubspot, Bessemer VP

Investors: ?

Industry: B2B, SMB business analytics, Sales pipeline tool

Offering Description: Customizable, intuitive and actionable business/sales intelligence data.

December 2, 2010


talentGraphzgrzrlogo Record: Scalebase (hiring)logoscalebase

Funding Status: Series A

Founders Backgrounds:  Aluna, IDF, Orbotech

Investors: Cedar Fund

Industry: Database, Cloud Software

Offering Description: ScaleBase is a new cloud‑based service that provides high availability and scalability for your SQL databases. It is an extremely sophisticated load balancer that provides your databases with as much cloud elasticity as you need by enabling significantly more concurrent user connections and SQL commands for any type of SQL database applications!


November 10, 2010


talentGraphzgrzrlogo Record: Savewave logo savewave

Funding Status: Series A

Founders Backgrounds: Upromise, Jingle Networks

Investors: Flybridge, First Round Capital, Founder Collective

Industry:  B2B, digital promotion, distribution, and rewards fulfillment company

Offering Description: SaveWave is building a platform to enable consumer packaged goods brands and retailers to promote their products and services to all consumers through fully digital promotion, distribution, and rewards fulfillment.  In addition to providing Upromise Grocery, a program through which over 12 million members can earn college savings rewards by purchasing participating products in over 27,500 supermarkets and drug stores nationwide, SaveWave is expanding its distribution reach through customized offer syndication with retailers, affinity rewards programs, and media channels.

October 29, 2010

Boston Web Startups Q4 2010, Launching Soon?

Every quarter we publish a list of the newest web startups in the area that are working towards launching publicly.

Masschallenge surfaced a great many new companies over the summer and I think had an impact on the amount of new companies making themselves known publicly early on.

So, this list is shorter than usual. As always, sign up for the betas and help these new companies with valuable user feedback so they can hone their value proposition and build something people want.

September 10, 2010

A Boston Angel You Should Know

Yes, we have  already heard about the dearth of Consumer Web Angel Investors here in Boston. So you might be interested to find out about a local Angel that has a pretty impressive track record in both quantity and quality of deals.

The fund Lead Dog Ventures is  run by John Landry and has been active locally since 1994. He has been a fixture around Boston since the inception of the enterprise software industry as CTO of companies like Cullinet , McCormack and Dodge and Lotus.

Here is a photo I pinched from his blog (hope he doesn’t mind) to show you that the guy has gravitas.

jobs and Landry photo

As you can see the portfolio is not completely Consumer Web, but the recent fundings of oneforty, Daily Grommet, Ayeah Games and Blueleaf demonstrate the trend towards web oriented businesses.

Take a look at John’s talk at the Angel Boot Camp to get a good feel for how he invests.

So it is not all gloom for Web companies seeking angel funding here in Boston. Some of the traditional enterprise oriented angels will be able to make the transition as John did, and we need more coming from operational experience in web companies to make up the slack for those that don’t, but there are good  angels are out when you’re looking.

September 9, 2010


talentGraphzgrzrlogo Record: CardStar Card star logo

Funding Status: Series A

Founders Backgrounds: Lumifi, Trust Digital

Investors: Verizon, Launch Capital

Industry: Mobile Application

Offering Description: Developing mobile applications that perpetuate the use of loyalty cards and mobile coupons. The CardStar application consolidates membership and rewards cards on smartphones — letting consumers access scannable cards from within a single app and enabling merchants to tailor mobile deals and information to their customers.

August 31, 2010


moontoast logotalentGraphzgrzrlogo Record: Moontoast

Funding Status:  Series A?

Exec Team’s Background:, Myperfectgig, Schematic, North American Membership Group

Investors: TBD

Industry: Consumer Web, eCommerce

Offering Description:  Branded Community Part social. Part commerce. All Yours. – Embedded Store Sell Your Products on Your Website and Everyone Else’s. – Private Sales Club Make Your E-Commerce as Prestigious as Your Brand

August 24, 2010


talentGraphzgrzrlogo Record: Blosonlogo bloson

Funding Status:  Seed

Founders Backgrounds:, Raytheon

Investors: ?

Industry: Consumer Web, Social Cause

Offering Description: Bloson gives you the social content you want, and the social action the world needs.

May 21, 2010

The Angels Investors are Coming to Boston in June

Two really great events for startups to get exposure to angel investors are being held in Boston this June.angels

The first event, Angel Boot Camp is being held June 1, 2010 at Microsoft NERD.  This event is spearheaded by Jon Pierce, local;  Hacker, Entrepreneur, Founder of Betahouse, Founding Member of The Awesome Foundation.

The lineup of is an awesome list of successful entrepreneurs and angel investors that includes Angus Davis, David Cohen and Phin Barnes to name only a few.

The stated goal of Angel Boot Camp is to educate, inspire and grow the angel investor community. As such, active and aspiring angels are the primary audience. But we also welcome entrepreneurs, VCs and other people interested in learning more about angel investing, provided they agree not to pitch at the event.

This is a must attend for anyone that has thought about or wants to learn about Angel Investing.

Two weeks after that, the Open Angel Forum Boston is coming. This event was created by the always interesting serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis (founder of Mahalo) as a response to the Keretsu Forum that was charging startups to pitch to them.

There have already been Open Angel Forum events in La, and NYC. Both angels and startups had great things to say about the events.

As yet the venue or agenda has not been announced. Currently Jason and Bijan Sabet are the only two investors listed as attending, but expectations are high the list will include the best angels and undiscovered start-ups in the area.   Don’t miss this event if you want to meet the best start-ups and angel investors in Boston.

Apply here if you are an angel, start-up or interested in sponsoring the event.

Wow, that is such great news for the local web startup scene! The month of June should produce an interesting crop of new companies or provide some much needed capital for the seed program participants.

April 28, 2010

When Will They Launch Q2 2010

Every quarter we will be compiling a list of new web properties that are in private beta or “coming soon” stage. We hope to give them a bit of exposure and help with early customer sign up.leonardo walk on water

The other goal is to encourage them to come out to the public and start to get feedback from the user community. We are rooting for you, so launch that leaky boat or take your first steps on the water.

First let’s recap the list from last quarter to see what progress has been made. Hard to say if they have any of these micro-targeted sites up. Here is all we can find, which is on the home page.   AdHarmonics helps consumer find exactly what they’re looking for with micro-targeted sites.  We bring innovation to the lead generation industry through micro-targeted sites that are open, easy to use and transparent to users.  We answer consumer’s queries for education, legal help, mortgages and other categories with narrowly targeted websites.  By focusing on small sets of users and providing them with the best possible options, AdHarmonics delivers high quality leads to its partners. AdHarmonics is based in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA. has launched. Turns out the company is based in San Fran however. has launched. Turns out the company is based in San Fran however. still in stealth mode, though we can cut them some slack since it is not a web company. They are seeking funding for a virtualization play. Has launched. Easy signup go check it out. still in private beta Launched, although not a consumer site of interest to you and me, they have both logistics domain experience and web backgrounds. We wish Evan and company good luck. they have launched. check it out and give them feedback on usability etc… not launched yet. They do have a survey and form for prospective customers to sign up for a consultation. No web app at this point. Launched. It is a community to help people live happier and healthier lives. Join and set some goals and let the community encourage you to fulfill them. Launched. It is a web site where people can have conversations on a specific topic with people who are like them. Check it out, you can search for a topic of interest. As always with user generated content, there is not alot a first but it grows over time. Also Zaang is hinting that this is just the beginning and their “really big” idea is coming this quarter. Stay tuned.

So there you have it.  Half have launched and it is a varied and interesting group. Please take some time and give them a little user love.

Now we come to the new list of sites to watch in the coming months. Give them some sign-up love if you are interested and encourage them to take the plunge into the light of day.