May’s 10th annual Nantucket Conference is Fast Approaching

The Nantucket Conference was started¬† ten years ago so that New England would have its own high-level gathering for entrepreneurs, investors, and tech execs — to spotlight what happens here — rather than always flying out to events on the Left Coast. If you are fortunate to score an invitation or have your registration accepted,Continue reading “May’s 10th annual Nantucket Conference is Fast Approaching”

Spark Capital has Launched Start@Spark

This is most excellent news.¬† Another Seed Capital program;¬† Start@Spark has been introduced for Boston companies. Spark Capital may be the most aggressive web oriented investor in the Boston area, evidenced by their recent investment in Twitter. Sadly, to date, only one of their web investments 8D World are from the Boston area. This isContinue reading “Spark Capital has Launched Start@Spark”

Bluefin Lab

Genotrope Record: Bluefin Lab Funding Status: Seed Investors: ? Founders or Execs past companies: Another Andy Palmer mentored company. MIT Industry: Consumer Web, Video Search Offering Description: cutting edge video search technology applied to the exciting world of consumer media.

The VC Model is Broken, Several Perspectives

There has been a lot of chatter in the blogshpere about the VC model being broken. Adeo Ressi of theFunded, kicked off the recent discussion with his presentation at HBS. The telling slide from the presentation is #13 showing more money going into the VC model than coming out. Fred Wilson from Union Square VenturesContinue reading “The VC Model is Broken, Several Perspectives”