May’s 10th annual Nantucket Conference is Fast Approaching

The Nantucket Conference was started¬† ten years ago so that New England would have its own high-level gathering for entrepreneurs, investors, and tech execs — to spotlight what happens here — rather than always flying out to events on the Left Coast. If you are fortunate to score an invitation or have your registration accepted,Continue reading “May’s 10th annual Nantucket Conference is Fast Approaching”

Shotput Ventures: new startup accelerator in Atlanta

Shotput Ventures of Atlanta has recently launched with their first session this summer. Using the by now familiar formula of $5,000 per team plus $5,000 per founder in exchange for 5% – 10% of equity on entrepreneur friendly terms. The team is a strong group of successful entrepreneurs with backgrounds in web and software technology.¬†Continue reading “Shotput Ventures: new startup accelerator in Atlanta”