When Will They Launch Q1 2010

Our post back in May 2009, When Will They Launch pointed out some companies waiting in the wings and extolled them to release their idea into the wild and let it flourish. It’s time for a recap of those companies to gauge progress. It’s also time to list a new group of companies and sites onContinue reading “When Will They Launch Q1 2010”

5 Favorite Posts on Buzz in theHub

One of the common blogging practices is to do a year end post that hightlights the favorite posts of the past. Not to be left out, we have decided to do a similar recap, with one exception. We are going to choose OUR favorites. These posts are either ones we had fun writing or haveContinue reading “5 Favorite Posts on Buzz in theHub”

Technology Companies to Watch in 2010

There are a couple of new companies started this year that are on our radar. They have known founders and are embarking on a new venture in emerging markets. It should be interesting to watch as they lauch their products or services this year. Akiba is based in Boston and the founders come from Nexaweb, Fundtech,Continue reading “Technology Companies to Watch in 2010”

Coffee for No Reason: 12.23.09

If you like coffee and you like to network with interesting people in the tech, biotech, media, and the wider start-up world, go check out this weeks Coffee for No Reason. Organized by Scott Kirsner and Jimmy Guterman , it is a chance to mingle with like minded enterpreneurs and possibly get the ear ofContinue reading “Coffee for No Reason: 12.23.09”

The Real Reason You’re Wanted in Silicon Valley/SF

By now you have heard it so many times you know it is true.  Silicon valley is the vortex drawing all web entrepreneurs and startups into that bright place where the best environment exists to nurture your fledgling company and become the next TwitFaceLinker. This fact is clear, it is the best place to getContinue reading “The Real Reason You’re Wanted in Silicon Valley/SF”

For Entrepreneurs, new blog by David Skok from Matrix Partners

Just found out about a new blog,  For Entrepreneurs by David Skok from Matrix Partners.  If you are interested in getting started, getting funded, and building a successful company, you will want to add this blog to your feed reader. David is a successful entrepreneur, founding his first company at age 22, four companies inContinue reading “For Entrepreneurs, new blog by David Skok from Matrix Partners”

The Bigger Problem with Letting Don Dodge Go

*Note that I didn’t post this prior to Don’s most recent news. But the point is still valid, and maybe more so. By now the dust has settled and the pundits have weighed in about what a huge mistake Microsoft made letting Don Dodge go. You can see the some of the commentary here: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/11/04/microsoft-loses-don-dodge-this-is-a-huge-mistake/Continue reading “The Bigger Problem with Letting Don Dodge Go”

You don’t need a CTO, you need a lead developer

A quick review of the startup market here reveals a good number of nascent web startups seeking a technical founder CTO. Socialtality Revenue Architects Kill Your Cube Dating Site Startup Recently a first time founder of a Boston startup came to us seeking a CTO for their web app. There was no great technical problemContinue reading “You don’t need a CTO, you need a lead developer”

Where are the Boston Web Leaders?

You can learn a few things by reviewing the attendees list at the upcoming Mass TLC Innovation unConference this Thursday. For instance, who is conspicuously absent. Let’s just focus on the burgeoning web industry we are trying to foster here in the Boston area. We don’t have a lot of major players in that space,Continue reading “Where are the Boston Web Leaders?”

Mass TLC Innovation 2009 unConference needs Innovators

We attended the first unConference last year and felt it was a great event. Bill Warner is to be commended for his contributions to the Boston start-up scene, and the MTLC unconferences and bringing TechStars to Cambridge are just two visible and recent examples. You could feel the energy in the room last year andContinue reading “Mass TLC Innovation 2009 unConference needs Innovators”