Start-up Advice From the Heart

I attended the talk by Bill Warner , Building Start-ups from the Heart, at CIC last week. I must admit that the title was a bit touchy feely for me and anything that smacks of new age gobble-di-gook sends me straight outside to the BBQ where I can slow cook some ribs, throw back aContinue reading “Start-up Advice From the Heart”

Hey Google! can you come out and play?

I was talking to @evanish at an event recently and the subject came up about the conspicuous absence of Google at meetups or pretty much any start-up function held in the Boston area.  I don’t go to every meetup in town but I am pretty sure that Jason does  (prove us wrong if you have a GoogContinue reading “Hey Google! can you come out and play?”

Boston Consumer Web Innovation Cycle Leakage

Consumer web is an area ripe for improvement here in Boston. It is no secret that there is a need for more angels willing to spread some funding around in portfolio fashion for early consumer web companies. The lack of angels is a result of too few big wins in the web space and thereforeContinue reading “Boston Consumer Web Innovation Cycle Leakage”

Founder Dialogues a New Speaker Series from Founder Collective

Another great new event has emerged for the local startup scene. Founder Dialogues is a speaker series presented by Eric Paley of Founder Collective. I am excited to see another entry in the effort to create networking events with more substance and take aways that will contribute towards our efforts to create value and viableContinue reading “Founder Dialogues a New Speaker Series from Founder Collective”

Dave McClure Throws Down Gauntlet to Boston Angels

Dave McClure day in Boston was awesome. I attended both events featuring the geek coder, turned marketer, turned Angel investor/VC, here in theHub. The first talk presented by Performable and hosted at Dopatach Labs was excellent and he did a good job of making it fresh. Once he found out that everyone had already seen hisContinue reading “Dave McClure Throws Down Gauntlet to Boston Angels”

TestCase II March 24 @NERD, Call for Participating Companies

We had such a great time and got really positive feedback from both individuals and participating companies at the inaugural TestCase hosted by betahouse, last year, that we are doing it again this March.  This time it will be held at the Microsoft NERD center for 60+ attendees. Josh Porter @bokardo, author of Designing for theContinue reading “TestCase II March 24 @NERD, Call for Participating Companies”

Startup Hiring Mistakes

I was reading QuickSprout one of my GOTO start-up blogs last night and this post really hit home. Are you Making These Mistakes? Neil Patel asks 10 successful entrepreneurs who have all created companies that are worth at least 50 million dollars, what their biggest business mistake was. Half of the ten named a hiringContinue reading “Startup Hiring Mistakes”

10 Free Tickets ($70 value) to What Will “E-Commerce 2.0″ Look Like in the Next Few Years? Panel

Genotrope is very pleased to be able to offer 10 free tickets ($70 value) to the awesome E-Commerce panel on 1/28/2010, sponsored by MITX. If you are not familiar with MITX, check it out. I attended their Interactive Awards event last year for the first time and was blown away by the size of the event andContinue reading “10 Free Tickets ($70 value) to What Will “E-Commerce 2.0″ Look Like in the Next Few Years? Panel”

MITX Event – What Will “E-Commerce 2.0” Look Like in the Next Few Years?

MITX  has put together a very interesting panel to be held January 28, 2010 at the Microsoft NERD center. They don’t get too much press, but the Boston area has some pretty significant players in e-commerce. Come and hear the experts discuss the coming e-commerce trends and new marketing channels.    Register Here What WillContinue reading “MITX Event – What Will “E-Commerce 2.0” Look Like in the Next Few Years?”

The Art versus Science of Web Marketing

Building a web business is a difficult task. Building one for the first time is even harder. I have written previously about the available information regarding the business of the web and the fact that the quality and amount of valuable information is amazing. There is a group of writers that is a must read forContinue reading “The Art versus Science of Web Marketing”