Boston Web Startups Q4 2010, Launching Soon?

Every quarter we publish a list of the newest web startups in the area that are working towards launching publicly. Masschallenge surfaced a great many new companies over the summer and I think had an impact on the amount of new companies making themselves known publicly early on. So, this list is shorter than usual.Continue reading “Boston Web Startups Q4 2010, Launching Soon?”


talentGraphz Record: Fashionstake Funding Status: Seed Round Founders Backgrounds: Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey and Company Investors: Battery Ventures Industry: Consumer Web, Fashion, eCommerce Offering Description: Be part of a new fashion democracy. Unlock an exciting new way to experience fashion with FashionStake, a revolutionary online marketplace for contemporary and luxury ready-to-wear fashion.

The Keys to Brand Transformation: Learn From Local Success Stories

MITX is hosting an event next week at the Arnold Offices. It’s called: The Keys to Brand Transformation: Learn From Local Success Stories, and it’s from 8am – 10am on Wednesday, October 20.  See here ( for full details. Featured Speakers: Mark Minelli – President, Minelli, Inc. (winner of a 2010 Rebrand Award for the YMCA of GreaterContinue reading “The Keys to Brand Transformation: Learn From Local Success Stories”