Local VCs Return to Entrepreneurship: NOT !

So we were totally wrong on this. It turns out word has it that along with David Beisel, Rob and Lee are forming a new fund to make early stage investments. So much for jumping back into the ranks of entrepreneurs. 🙂

Recently, a couple of local Venture Capitalists have made the jump out of the investment ranks and into the struggling entrepreneur cohort.

This is good news that we are adding to the ranks some potentially important new companies to the local New England startup community. This is a much preferred trend than the opposite where successful founders become VCs.

The new companies that they are working on are as yet unannounced, but we will be tracking their progress and profile the new companies as soon as some information is available.

Rob Go a former principal at Spark Capital made his announcement at the end of his post Top 3 Things I Learned as a VC

“I’m starting something new that I am very excited about.  My co-founders and I have already begun laying the groundwork, but we aren’t ready to talk openly about what we are doing just yet (stealth mode is back in vogue again, after all.)  That said, I’ve always been a pretty open and transparent guy, so I’m sure I’ll be sharing more details soon.”

On Monday May 3rd, Lee Hower announced his transition from a principal at Point Judith Capital to work on his new project in his post Changes… my transition & new plans.

We wish them both the best of luck and look forward to watching their new companies grow successful here in the Boston area.

3 thoughts on “Local VCs Return to Entrepreneurship: NOT !

  1. Tom,

    I’d be curious to know if you think these moves represent a narrowing of opportunity to junior folks at area VCs (we all remember the post2001 down-sizing of partnerships) or rather being well positioned the last few years and stumbling on the next Groupon…or something in between.


    1. I don’t know the motivations behind the moves. In general only a small percentage of VC firms are producing a positive return for their LPs and therefore, there is less opportunity for junior VCs overall.

      You could also take a look at the portfolios and programs of their firms and correlate the investments made or not made during that time to get a feel for the contribution level, which might be an indicator of motivation.

      Or since both were startup guys previously, they realized that their true passion is building companies.

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