What is Cool about the MITX Technology Awards

The MITX Technology Awards is coming up June 2nd at the Boston Marriott Copley Place, and you should consider going. I went to the 14th Annual MITX Interactive Awards show last November and they put on quite a production. Some of the past winners of the Technology Awards include public companies like Logmein and Netezza, upcoming VC backedContinue reading “What is Cool about the MITX Technology Awards”

When Will They Launch Q2 2010

Every quarter we will be compiling a list of new web properties that are in private beta or “coming soon” stage. We hope to give them a bit of exposure and help with early customer sign up. The other goal is to encourage them to come out to the public and start to get feedbackContinue reading “When Will They Launch Q2 2010”

Start-up Advice From the Heart

I attended the talk by Bill Warner , Building Start-ups from the Heart, at CIC last week. I must admit that the title was a bit touchy feely for me and anything that smacks of new age gobble-di-gook sends me straight outside to the BBQ where I can slow cook some ribs, throw back aContinue reading “Start-up Advice From the Heart”

Hey Google! can you come out and play?

I was talking to @evanish at an event recently and the subject came up about the conspicuous absence of Google at meetups or pretty much any start-up function held in the Boston area.  I don’t go to every meetup in town but I am pretty sure that Jason does  (prove us wrong if you have a GoogContinue reading “Hey Google! can you come out and play?”

Boston Consumer Web Innovation Cycle Leakage

Consumer web is an area ripe for improvement here in Boston. It is no secret that there is a need for more angels willing to spread some funding around in portfolio fashion for early consumer web companies. The lack of angels is a result of too few big wins in the web space and thereforeContinue reading “Boston Consumer Web Innovation Cycle Leakage”