Genotrope Record:  Micronotes Funding Status:  Seed Round Founders Backgrounds:  Okena (Cisco), Entegra, Akamai Investors: ? Industry:  Mobile, Consumer Finance, B2C Marketing Offering Description: Micronotes interactive direct marketing system enables consumer brands to mass-produce face-to-face sales interviews to deliver highly relevant offers to a target audience driving sales at lower cost than existing platforms.

The Bigger Problem with Letting Don Dodge Go

*Note that I didn’t post this prior to Don’s most recent news. But the point is still valid, and maybe more so. By now the dust has settled and the pundits have weighed in about what a huge mistake Microsoft made letting Don Dodge go. You can see the some of the commentary here: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/11/04/microsoft-loses-don-dodge-this-is-a-huge-mistake/Continue reading “The Bigger Problem with Letting Don Dodge Go”