In the shadow of a Monster

We have been watching a couple of local Internet Job sites that are ramping up nicely in the recent months.

MyPerfectGig , the more pedigreed of the two, is a startup funded by North Bridge and Commonwealth Capital. The founding team are seasoned entrepreneurs, having founded BrassRing and run DirectoryM.

MPG describes their offering as “sourcing intelligence”. The application provides hiring companies with an incredible amount of information regarding competitors hiring and available workforce.

Vitruva was founded in 2006 by an executive from Iconics. They don’t make public their funding sources but they must have some money,  having existed for several years.

They characterize themselves as a “job matching engine” and the tag line is Jobs without Searching.

Both of the sites are showing strong recent growth as you can see. Monster Board, the billion dollar revenue career site was started here in the Boston area and is currently one of the most used sites on the web. The recruiting market is huge and it will be interesting to watch the upstarts as they pick away at a continually fragmenting market. It would be great to see another huge success from the Boston area, rise up and compete with the Monster.


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