Want to Learn Web Marketing? see Startonomics and Hubspot

If you are in the business of attracting and turning web visitors into customers, there are two resources that offer incredible value.

Hubspot the Cambridge based inbound marketing company has many free tools, resources and webinars that are very valuable for companies looking to improve their web marketing presence. Web Site Grader and Twitter Grader are fun as well as informative. They also provide a lot of useful content on blogs, white papers, free Webinars and videos. Maybe the best lesson is, the company itself is excellent proof of the power of it’s own concepts. Their growing presence in the webshpere is an example to follow.

Startonomics is a one day workshop on web marketing co-organized by Dave MCclure and hosted by Deal MakerMedia. Even though it was held in San Francisco, we on the East Coast can still attend (virtually) as all the sessions and slide decks have be posted via video as well as Slideshare. This is a must view for anyone hoping to gain insight on how the most experienced consumer web marketers have honed and practiced their craft.

So much information is available to help entrepreneurs learn and navigate the startup waters, but these two stand out among the rest.

One Comment to “Want to Learn Web Marketing? see Startonomics and Hubspot”

  1. Thanks for the kind words about HubSpot. One of the fun marketing things we do is a weekly live stream “TV” show called HubSpot TV. Anyone who wants to come by and be part of the live studio audience is welcome to come to our office in Kendall Square. Just find me on Twitter (@mvolpe) and let me know you’re coming.

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