Snag a Job at a Startup Now

Now is a good time to make that move to a start up company. Have you been considering the idea? Make your move. Do it now while there is still high demand for candidates and before the RIF flood comes from the large companies in the area.

If you can snag a job at a recently funded company, all the better. With funding of a few million dollars and not a huge burn rate, they should be able to weather this storm and come out the other side with less competition and a head start in their value prop.

You might want to stay away from companies selling into the financial market, advertising based business models and generally anything that does not offer ROI or cost savings. This post from Roger Ehrenberg an angel investor in NYC sums it up nicely.

One thought on “Snag a Job at a Startup Now

  1. Excellent post. It really is a great time to make this move. Really? Yes, really. Especially pre- Round B etc. I have talked to several hundred folks this week in Boston and most are “hunkering down” to weather the storm. Insulate your career, not by hunkering down but by exploring, before the ship sails.

    Disclaimer: I think you should consider Viximo 😉

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