iTekka is a new startup that is really stealth. Supposedly they are funded, at least they are hiring alot which means they have money.

All we know is that it is a mobile enterprise SOA application. No info on founders or Investors.

Anyone have an info to contribute? Do it in the comments or if you prefer, our email is on the about page.

Update: Thanks to our commentor for the CEO’s name.  Turns out the company is in Columbia S.C. Too bad as we always like to see another mobile startup join the ranks here in Boston. Good luck to Alexandr and his team at iTekka.  I did find that they visited the last Web Inno, so maybe there will be a Boston presence.

2 Comments to “iTekka”

  1. Alexandr Abrashkin, CEO, Itekka

  2. I’m actually in Columbia, SC and know these people. Ironically, since someone mentioned Boston, one of the guys who is running the show actually moved to Boston and then moved back to help with the start-up! They’re doing fairly well from what I have seen and heard and are trying to set up an incubator of sorts to help other people launch ideas that they might have! Kudos the them!

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