Local Web Companies to Watch

We keep tabs on a lot of local companies using the Compete Dashboard.

Two that have recently enjoyed major user growth spurts are Swaptree and CitySquares.



We wish them the best as they seem well on the way towards growing significant user bases.


9 Comments to “Local Web Companies to Watch”

  1. Keep an eye on Rock ‘n Roll Dating, too. 🙂

  2. I will humbly submit HubSpot.com as one to watch as well (if we’re going by Compete.com traffic scores).

    It shows up nicely even without including the traffic from the grader.com websites.

  3. Dharmesh- off couse we follow Hubspot in that group. The other sites on this list are myPunchbowl.com and Fafarazzi.com All are growing steadily

    While Hubspot is 2nd on the list for total users this month, the growth curve was at least double and in the case of CitySquares about 8X greater than the others.

  4. Where’s gamerDNA.com :)? From 500K users to nearly 5M in a few months across our network.

  5. following dharmesh I’m also going to humbly submit Viximo:


    6X over past few months.

  6. I’m going to blatantly push Lookery.com

    I’m in good company pimping with Dharmesh and Brian.

    Also why no Lookery Analytics on your blog?

    Thanks for using Compete!


  7. Thanks for the mention! We’re really happy about the growth we’re seeing, and in the next 60 days we expect traffic/user growth to continue, although perhaps not quite so sharply. 😉

  8. I withdraw my humble submission. I really can’t “compete” with the likes of Lookery and such.

    Great to see so many Boston area Internet entrepreneurs come out of the woodwork.

  9. Raising my hand over here!!! Take a look at http://www.SchoolPulse.com, a Concord-based startup that has blossomed nationally in the last six weeks.

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