Waiting for Web Innovators

Web Innovators is a great venue for aspiring Web startups to gain recognition here in theHub. David Beisel deserves a lot of credit for bringing out the community and promoting the web startup ecosystem. The next event is Monday the 15th of September.

At this point however, the events popularity makes it increasingly difficult for new companies to land one of the coveted presenter spots. We all know that picking which company will be successful is almost random and requires a portfolio approach to be successful. What that means is that there are probably many deserving start ups out there waiting their turn for Web Inno or “rejects” that do not fit the subjective profile of the organizers.

For you “refuses” out there, why not get a little exposure here on Buzz in theHub. We can promise an online audience at least ten times larger than Web Inno, and some free exposure.

If you are interested, please send us your information (see contact page for format) and we will publish it in an upcoming post.

Maybe if we get enough interest, we can start a smaller forum with a more intimate and interactive environment where startup teams can give and receive feedback on their betas.

Let us know what you think and send us your profiles when you are ready.


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