Genotrope Record: Awareness Formation Date: 2005 Funding Status: First Round Investors: Greylock, North Bridge Venture Partners Founders or Execs past companies: Microsoft Canada, Sqa, Authentica Industry: Enterprise Social Networks Offering Description: At the core of the Awareness solution is an on-demand social media platform that combines the full range of Web 2.0 technologiesā€”blogs, wikis, discussionContinue reading “Awareness”


Genotrope Record: Playhard Formation Date: 2008 Funding Status: Series A Investors: NEA Founders or Execs past companies: Turbine Industry: Consumer Web, Online Sports Games Offering Description: Play Hard Sports is the first sports network in North America focused exclusively on developing, publishing and distributing exceptional sports games and entertainment across the Internet.

Coming Soon ! TechCrunch Puppet Show

A lot of bits have been generated regarding the recent swipe TechCrunch took at the departing Chief Architect of Twitter. The personal taunting and Tabloid aspect have ticked off a few people. Of course the article had the desired effect from the TechCrunch perspective and the page views and comments are flying. The point IContinue reading “Coming Soon ! TechCrunch Puppet Show” DK Pictures

Genotrope Record: Doink Citation URL: Formation Date: 2007 Funding Status: Seed, Alpha test, accepting new user registration Investors: Self Funded Founders or Execs past companies: Dome Imaging, Mindreef Industry: Consumer Web, Animation and Web Graphics Offering Description: DoInk is a place to enjoy art and animation, and make your own. Company is DK Pictures. BuzzContinue reading “ DK Pictures”

Affine Systems

Genotrope Record: Affine Systems Citation URL: Formation Date: 2007 Funding Status: Series A Investors: Highland Capital Founders or Execs past companies: Microsoft, Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) Industry: Online Video, Online Advertising Offering Description: Our technology analyzes the visual content of videos and images “not just the metadata” to provide superior contextual advertising and brandContinue reading “Affine Systems”