Stealth Startup doing online art and animation

I was lucky to get to meet the developer and view a demo from a new start-up at a meet-up last week. The company has a demo product ready, but not a working name or a product name. The founders are from a successful imaging company in the Boston area. The offering allows very easy creation of images and animation, and features an attribution component that will credit the creators of the original content as it is re-used in other animations.

It is safe to say that with their much more robust art offerings and ease of animation, they may give both GameBrix and Fuzzwich a serious run for their money, if not totally blow them away. The new company is looking for digital artists to test out the system and contribute content if you wish. Anyone that is interested, drop me an email listed on the contact page of this blog and I will get you a beta invite.

2 Comments to “Stealth Startup doing online art and animation”

  1. I tried responding via your contact link but it appears wedged.

    I’ve developed some trippy algorithmic art technology that this chap might finding interesting. How do I reach him?



  2. Animation is a big area – Adobe Flash is king for web based 2D stuff. I’ve seen several online java tools, flash tools, dot net tools including the ones you mentioned… People who have created these tools and dabbled with offering online solutions, are definitely are at an advantage – with a little tweaking they should be ahead again. Recreating technology and bypassing patents is not a very difficult task. You and me probably do not know what others have up their sleeve in the works…

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