N2N Commerce gets upNded

We never were much for boy bands, so not really a fan of companies created by VC’s. Without passionate founders, the odds of success are limited. Give us a singer/songwriter any-day.

So it was no surprise to see that N2N Commerce had folded. N2N was created by a VC and the Limited Brands to build a web commerce site for Victoria Secrets. After $30M invested, no completed system and all effort focused on one major customer, the writing was on the wall.

The good news is, Allurent, Optaros, Demandware and others got some of that cash, so it wasn’t all bad for the startup ecosystem.

2 Comments to “N2N Commerce gets upNded”

  1. Optaros and Demandware were funded by General Catalyst… talk about an ecosystem

  2. I doubt they payed for the software up front, in cash, and on time. So, as a creditor, the rest of the eco-system likely got screwed.

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