Zync, Inc.

Company name: Zync, Inc. Company URL: http://www.zync.com Citation URL: http://biz.yahoo.com/iw/071228/0343741.html Formation Date: September, 2006 Funding status: Seed Stage Investors: Launchpad Ventures Founders past companies: PureSpeech, Ucentric Systems, Cognio, Sapient Industry: Consumer web, local events, social networking Description: Social recommendation system that helps people find relevant local activities based on user psychographics and people with similarContinue reading “Zync, Inc.”


Company Name: Lookery Company URL: http://www.lookery.com/signup/ Citation URL: http://venturebeat.com/2007/07/26/lookery-the-facebook-advertising-networkwith-lots-of-data/ Formation Date: 2007 Funding Status: Seed Stage Investors: Founders or Execs past companies: Compete, MyBlogLog Industry: Consumer Web, Advertising Offering Description: Lookery provides demographic marketing services in and around social networks. We’re working to fix the the basic economic problem that social networks face: great userContinue reading “Lookery”

Sonian Networks

Company Name: Sonian Networks Company URL: http://soniannetworks.com/ Citation URL: Formation Date: 2007 Funding Status: Seed Round Investors: Private Investors Founders or Execs past companies: Dialogic, Intellireach Industry: web infrastrucure Offering Description: The latest innovation for hosted email archiving and e-discovery is here. Sonian removes the burden of compliance and storage management for all electronic communication.


Company Name: SecondRotation Company URL: http://www.secondrotation.com/ Citation URL: http://arstechnica.com/articles/culture/clean-break-second-rotation.ars Formation Date: 2006 Funding Status: Seed Investors: ? Founders or Execs past companies: Pay Pal, Cambridge Information Systems, Boston Compliance Systems Industry: Consumer Web Offering Description: By making it easier to get cash out of old consumer electronics, we magnify the impact of sustainability by helpingContinue reading “SecondRotation”

Sharing the Seed Corn in 2008

Being from the Midwest, I am all for agricultural analogies. So to continue with the Seed Corn theme and adding to the meme, I offer the following: Reading an a blog focused on Start-up Ventures in India I came upon this excerpt about a ” farmer whose corn won top awards year after year. WhenContinue reading “Sharing the Seed Corn in 2008”

Genotrope Launches: Boston area jobs in Emerging Technology and Startups

We are excited about the Boston launch of Genotrope. Keep in tune with what is happening with Boston early stage companies. The site is fully functional and ready for you to submit your resume to the hundreds of companies hiring for thousands of jobs here in the Boston area. So as we move into theContinue reading “Genotrope Launches: Boston area jobs in Emerging Technology and Startups”


Company Name: RightsAgent Company URL: http://www.rightsagent.com/ Citation URL: http://www.xconomy.com/2007/12/14/all-user-generated-content-doesnt-want-to-be-free-a-qa-with-cambridge-startup-rightsagent-about-its-new-approach-to-copyrighting/ Formation Date: 2007 Funding Status: Series A Investors: Venrock, Highland Capital Partners Founders or Execs past companies: Industry: Web Publishing Offering Description: RightsAgent is a provider of copyright management solutions for user-generated content. The initial release of our platform allows publishers to register where they publishContinue reading “RightsAgent”

Zingdom/Convoq/Applied Messaging shutters doors

Sorry to see a company bite the dust. Read the founders post here. The current project Spark, a conversation oriented application that is based on the idea that extended interactions take place at varying tempos. Seems like it has potential and the architect is hoping to keep it alive. Anyone that is interested should contactContinue reading “Zingdom/Convoq/Applied Messaging shutters doors”

Twitter might not exist without help from a Boston Software Icon

I was browsing through the blog of Dan Bricklin when I came across an interesting post about his involvement with Blogger.  It is a great story and an indication of what a nice guy Dan is. The rest is history as Blogger was eventually acquired by Google and Evan Williams has gone on to hisContinue reading “Twitter might not exist without help from a Boston Software Icon”