VC Link Love for Mark Andreessen’s

If you read alot of the VC blogs, I don’t have to tell you that there is universal link love for the new blogger and veteran Web start-up founder Mark Andreessen. The love may be because his posts are full of useful information and insight from an experienced entrepreneur. But the exuberance and quantity ofContinue reading “VC Link Love for Mark Andreessen’s”


Company Name: SpotScout Company URL: Citation URL: Formation Date: Funding Status:¬† First Round Investors: ? Founders or Execs past companies: Navimedix, Aveksa Industry: Consumer Web Offering Descripton: At SpotScout we believe that, if given the right tools, individuals and communities can solve their own parking problems by creating virtual markets for parking information.Continue reading “SpotScout”

Auraria Networks, Inc.

Genotrope Record: Auraria Networks, Inc. Citation URL: Formation Date: Funding Status: First Round Investors: Matrix Partners Founders or Execs past companies: SpringTide Networks, Enterasys Industry: Communications Equipment Offering Descripton: Auraria Networks, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing unique solutions to problems that businesses and other organizations have with content; particularly in an on-line orContinue reading “Auraria Networks, Inc.”